Winter Dance Concert Dress Rehearsal
Winter Dance Concert

The Sharon Disney Lund School of Dance’s mission is in educating the complete dance artist—agile, intelligent and in command of an expanded skill set to meet the fast-evolving demands of professional dance.

The comprehensive BFA and MFA Programs build high-level proficiencies in performance technique, choreography, dance production technology and critical understanding of the artform, all within a global cultural context. Concentrated production seasons of aesthetically diverse work thrive in an atmosphere of creative exchange between professionally motivated students and a faculty of practicing artists. Unique among dance conservatories, students and faculty in the CalArts Dance School function together as a close-knit creative community, thriving on collaboration, not competition, with one another.

The School's performance calendar includes 8-10 concerts featuring student and faculty work each year. These concerts include the Open House Dance Concert, the BFA II Solo Dance Concert, the Winter Dance Concert, the Student Choice Concert, the MFA Thesis concerts, the Spring Dance Concert, Next Dance Concert and Last Dance Concert. This rigorous schedule provides students with regular performance opportunities at each stage of their development— and prepares them for the demands of professional dance productions.

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Crystaldawn Bell
Crystaldawn Bell Dance BFA 08 Dancer with Robert Moses’ Kin Dance Company

It was such a great feeling to be a greenhorn at CalArts, knowing that I had the faculty behind me—and the whole student body, too, trying to help me understand who I was as an artist. The faculty nurtured the type of dancer that I was, and that I am. I’m 5’10” and very muscular. I like structure and athleticism; I like being out of breath at the end of a piece. I’m lifting people as well as being lifted.

Transitioning from school to professional life was a little bit harder than I thought it would be. Not the road to getting gigs—there are always people who need someone in the space to help generate movement. I transitioned into performing quite easily. But being in class at CalArts from 9 in the morning until, sometimes, 1am. You can’t just stop dancing. I had to pay for classes and find people who could challenge me and help me grow the way the teachers at CalArts did. Should I take both ballet and modern, every day, as I did at CalArts? Those were the issues.

2017-2018 Season