Tuixen Benet
Faculty, School of Dance
Faculty, School of Film/Video

Tuixén Benet is a Filmmaker/Choreographer from Barcelona now based in Los Angeles, where she recently premiered Some More, a never-ending dance performance that began at Redcat for NOW Fest. With a background in live performance and choreographing for music videos and commercials she’s now... Continue reading »

Julie Bour
MFA Program Director
Faculty, School of Dance

Julie Bour (Contemporary Technique, Composition) Julie Bour is a native french choreographer settled in the USA since 2002. She creates works for her project-based company as well as for renowned repertory companies such as Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet, 10 Hairy Legs or Joffrey Concert group.... Continue reading »

Dimitri Chamblas
Faculty, School of Dance

Dimitri Chamblas’s work examines the body and its representation in various concrete or imaginary contexts. His choreographic work springs from his perception of his immediate environment. One of his underlying goals is to invent new dance forms and their... Continue reading »

Jimmy "Cricket" Colter
Faculty, School of Dance

James “Cricket” Colter is a professional street dancer who has performed, taught, and lectured on the form internationally for over 22 years . In addition ,he is a well versed visual artist (sequential art, children’s book illustrations, etc) choreographer and artistic... Continue reading »

Joseph Davis
Faculty, School of Dance

Joe was born and raised in the beautiful hills of upstate New York, and can easily be identified by his cacophonous laughter. He began his training in Rochester, New York, and continued his studies at The Juilliard School on scholarships from The NYCDA Foundation and Cornell University. During... Continue reading »

* Faculty Emeritus
Part-time Faculty