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Gerard & Kelly

Brennan Gerard and Ryan Kelly are American artists who work with performance, video and installation.

Okwui Okpokwasili

2018 Herb Alpert Award in the Arts

Okwui Okpokwasili is a multidisciplinary artist, choreographer, actor, writer, and luminous stage presence with the talent to hold and unsettle audiences

Emmanuelle Huynh

Plateforme Múa 

Emmanuelle Huynh is a dancer, choreographer and teacher, exploring the relationship between dance and literature, music, light, ikebana (Japanese floral art) and architecture.

Salia Sanou

Salia Sanou is a renowned choreographer and dancer from Burkina Faso. He is co-founder and co-director of the Center for Choreographic Development La Termitière in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

(La) Horde

La Horde is a collective of three artists: Marine Brutti, Jonathan Debrouwer, Artur Harel. Directors of the CCN- Ballet National de Marseille. They work on choreographic creation with dance at the heart to develop movies, video installations and performance.

Miguel Gutierrez

Miguel Gutierrez is a choreographer, composer, performer, singer, writer, educator and advocate who has lived in New York for over twenty years. He is fascinated by the time-based nature of performance and how it creates an ideal frame for phenomenological questions around presence and meaning-making.

Laja Martin

LAJAMARTIN is a physical dance theatre company founded by Laja Field and Martin Durov. From floor to air, a variety of dynamic movement defined by musicality and rhythm crafts the vocabulary that embodies the work’s intention.

Josh Rose

Jose Rose is a photographer. His unique eye and story-driven approach have made him one of the most sought-out new photographers leading him to shoots for brands like Nike, Ford, Major League Baseball, the Los Angeles Dance Project, and more.

Danielle Agami

Ate9 Dance Company 

Israeli choreographer Danielle Agami's unique movement and ability to cultivate excellence in others has brought her to the forefront of her profession. After eight years dancing with Batsheva Dance Company, Agami founded her company Ate9 as a platform for innovative movement and artistic research.

Benjamin Millepied

L.A. Dance Project 

Benjamin Millepied is a choreographer, filmmaker, and former principal dancer with New York City Ballet. Millepied moved to Los Angeles in 2012 to found his company L.A. Dance Project with Charles Fabius (LADP) which has since given hundreds of performances at prestigious venues around the world, as well as site-specific performances in eminent non-traditional venues

Faustin Linyekula

Faustin Linyekula is a Congolese dancer and choreographer of contemporary dance. His works are structured along the lines of the dance form Ndombolo and its associated music and address "the legacy of decades of war, terror, fear and the collapse of the economy for himself, his family and his friends.

Xavier Le Roy

Xavier Le Roy holds a doctorate in molecular biology from the University of Montpellier, France, and has worked as an artist since 1991.



Rauf Yasit, is a Los Angeles based choreographer and dancer with Kurdish roots who was born and raised in Celle, Germany.

Boris Charmatz

Dancer, choreographer, and director of Terrain, Boris Charmatz subjects dance to formal constraints which redraw the field of possibilities. The stage is a notepad to draft concentrated, organic concepts in order to observe the chemical reactions, intensities, and tensions engendered by their encounter.

Luciana Achugar

Luciana Achugar is a Brooklyn-based choreographer from Uruguay who grew as an artist in close dialogue with the NY and Uruguayan contemporary dance communities. Her work is concerned with the post-colonial world, searching for an undoing of current power structures from the inside out.

Tino Sehgal

Tino Sehgal is an artist of German and Indian descent, based in Berlin, who describes his work as "constructed situations". He is also thought of as a choreographer who makes dance for the museum setting.

Noe Soulier

Noé Soulier’s work explores choreography and dance in different settings. In conceptual projects as the book Actions, Movements and Gestures or the performance Movement on Movement, he analyzes and describes different ways to conceive movements that aim to offer multiple ways to experience the body.

Ronald K. Brown

Dancer and choreographer Ronald K. Brown founded the dance company Evidence in New York in 1985. Brown's work incorporates modern dance, Senegalese Sabar and other West African movement vocabularies, Afro-Caribbean dance, and contemporary urban dance from around the world.

Donald Byrd

Spectrum Dance Theater 

Donald Byrd is a TONY nominated (The Color Purple) and Bessie Award winning (The Minstrel Show) choreographer and Artistic Director of Spectrum Dance Theater.

Joe Goode

Joe Goode Performance Group

Joe Goode is a choreographer, writer, and director widely known as an innovator in the field of dance for his willingness to collide movement with spoken word, song, and visual imagery.

Anna Halprin

Anna Halprin helped pioneer the experimental art form known as postmodern dance and referred to herself as a breaker of the rules of modern dance.

Jacques Heim

Diavolo Architecture in Motion

Jacques Heim is a French-born dance choreographer who founded Diavolo Dance Theater in 1992 after graduating from California Institute of the Arts.

Lawrence Keigwin


Larry Keigwin is a native New Yorker and choreographer who has danced his way from the Metropolitan Opera to downtown clubs to Broadway and back. He founded KEIGWIN + COMPANY in 2003 and as Artistic Director, Keigwin has led the company as it has performed at theaters and dance festivals throughout New York City and around the world.

Barak Marshall

Son of acclaimed dancer, choreographer and singer Margalit Oved, Barak is the former house choreographer of the Batsheva Dance Company and one of Israel’s most celebrated dance artists.

Rennie Harris

Rennie Harris is a dancer, choreographer, artistic director and professor of hip-hop dance. Harris formed the first and longest running hip-hop dance touring company, Rennie Harris Puremovement in 1992. In 2007, he conceived another touring company, RHAW or Rennie Harris Awe-Inspiring Works.

Ralph Lemon

Ralph Lemon is a choreographer, conceptualist, director, writer, and installation artist who has pushed the boundaries of dance.

Marjani Forte-Saunders

Marjani Fortè-Saunders is an independent artist, co-founder with Nia Love, of LOVE|FORTÉ A COLLECTIVE, and one of two Directors of the Alkebu-lan Cultural Center of Northwest Pasadena, CA, alongside Sound Designer/Composer Everett Saunders.

Meg Stuart

Damaged Goods

Meg Stuart is an American choreographer and dancer who lives and works in Berlin and Brussels. Stuart strives to develop a new language for every piece in collaboration with artists from different creative disciplines and navigates the tension between dance and theatre.

Fiona Lummis

Fiona Lummis was a dancer for twenty years with Netherlands Dance Theater (1981-2001). Fiona created roles in 15 of Jiří Kylián’s ballets, and in numerous works by Hans Van Manen, Nacho Duato, Ohad Naharin and Mats Ek among others.

Will Rawls

Will Rawls is an American contemporary choreographer, performance artist, curator and writer based in New York City and with continuing projects in Europe.

Susan Rethorst

2010 Herb Alpert Award in the Arts

Pat Graney

2008 Herb Alpert Award in the Arts

Jeanine Durning

2007 Herb Alpert Award in the Arts

Sarah Michelson

2006 Herb Alpert Award in the Arts

Donna Uchizono

2005 Herb Alpert Award in the Arts

Stephan Koplowitz

2004 Herb Alpert Award in the Arts

John Kelly

2001 Herb Alpert Award in the Arts

Mark Dendy

2000 Herb Alpert Award in the Arts

David Rousseve

1996 Herb Alpert Award in the Arts

Ann Carlson

1995 Herb Alpert Award in the Arts

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