Body X Technology

New approaches, new vision, new solutions.

CalArts Dance is seeking project submissions that question relations between the body and technology. This can be a new perspective on performance, a social inquiry, a mobile/software application or an advisor for change.

Areas of Interest

The Committee will include faculty from all schools, and they will select two projects. Over the year-long incubator, each project will receive funding, mentorship and in-kind support.

Here are areas of interest that will be considered:

  • Health / Wellness
    Virtual applications that can explore somatics or movement
  • Architecture
    Mapping a structure, design through algorithms
  • S.T.E.M.
    Robotics, Data, Research
  • Society and Culture
    Social justice, connectivity, consensus building
  • Arts / Entertainment
    Innovating performance, engaging the public
  • Pedagogical
    Mobile/web applications, new approaches to teaching

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