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Imagine a Dance Training

We are excited to share with you Imagine a Dance Training, the inaugural publication in a developing series of CalArts Dance editorial projects. Between a zine and a book, this endeavor includes contributions from our eighteen esteemed 2017-2018 guest artists from across the globe. Reflecting a new vision for the program, Imagine a Dance Training was edited by Dance faculty member, Ariel Osterweis, and designed by Graphic Design MFA, Jacob Shpall.

Today, dance occurs onstage, in virtual reality, in film, in fashion, on the streets, and even on our phones. On the page, dance can take on various functions and aesthetics, from notation to documentary, poetry to manifesto. With contributions ranging from photography to interview, Imagine a Dance Training is like a choreography unto itself, inviting us to see anew the idea of a dance school. On these pages we offer practical exercises as well as utopic imaginings. What will “choreography” mean in the coming years?

Imagine a Dance Training is also the basis of symposia around experimental pedagogies that will begin in 2019 in and around CalArts. Let’s design about the future of dance together.

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CLUBBING is a zine emerging from the students and guest artists of the 2018 CalArts graduate seminar, Clubbing, which took place in the fall of 2018. It was taught by Dr. Ariel Osterweis, faculty in the Sharon Disney Lund School of Dance at CalArts.

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